Diet Coke Plus Announced

For Immediate Release from Coca-Cola Public Affairs & Communications, Atlanta, GA


"Great Taste Has Its Benefits"

ATLANTA, March 22, 2007 - Coca-Cola North America today announced it will launch Diet Coke Plus, a sparkling, calorie-free beverage with vitamins and minerals. In addition to providing great, refreshing taste, Diet Coke Plus is a good source of vitamins B3, B6, and B12, and the minerals zinc and magnesium. Diet Coke Plus will be available throughout the U.S. in April in retail stores where other Diet Coke products are sold.

"Consumers, including Diet Coke drinkers, are increasingly looking for more beverage options, and we wanted to offer them the convenience of a calorie-free beverage that is a good source of several essential vitamins and minerals, and one that delivers on the great taste that they have come to expect from us," said Katie Bayne, senior vice president, Coca-Cola Brands, Coca-Cola North America.

Each eight-ounce serving of Diet Coke Plus provides a good source of Niacin (vitamin B3), vitamins B6 and B12, zinc and magnesium (15% Daily Value [DV] for Niacin, B6 and B12, 10% DV for zinc and magnesium). Diet Coke Plus is the newest member of the Diet Coke family, which includes the flagship Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Diet Coke with Lime, Diet Cherry Coke, and Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda. Diet Coke lovers need not worry about their favorite sparkling beverage disappearing. "The millions of current Diet Coke devotees across America shouldn't be concerned - America's #1 diet sparkling beverage is staying just as it is," said Bayne.

Dr. Hull's Comments:

Vitamins mixed with chemical's hard to make a logical comment on something so ridiculous. To start with, the vitamins added to this chemical drink are not natural, but manufactured replicas of real vitamins from foods. Mixed with the carbonation and the toxic acidic levels in a diet cola, any vitamins and minerals are quickly destroyed in the bottle. Then, the same toxins that make up aspartame, two manufactured amino acids connected by methanol, still make this diet cola just as nasty as it was before. Nothing's changed.

Knowing that the truth about aspartame's health dangers is becoming more widely known these days, I have to assume the makers of this diet cola have now added "vitamins" hoping to steer people away from the truth that aspartame does, indeed, make people sick.

Sorry, folks, this new "vitamin" diet cola is another diet product with misleading marketing.

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