June 2007 Issue

FDA Should Reconsider Aspartame Cancer Risk, Say Experts

WASHINGTON - JUNE 25 - A new long-term animal test from an Italian cancer institute raises serious safety questions about the artificial sweetener aspartame, which is marketed generically as well as under the NutraSweet and Equal brand names. A dozen toxicology and epidemiology experts and the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest are calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to immediately review the study, which found increases in lymphomas, leukemias, and breast cancers in rats. If FDA concludes that aspartame does cause cancer in animals, the agency is required by law to revoke its approval for... Continue Reading

Posted on June 26, 2007 in Cancer, FDA | Link

Coca-Cola & Cargill, Inc. Patent & Will Sell 'Stevia' In Drinks & Foods

From Times Online May 31, 2007 Coke teams up with Cargill to launch new sweetener Giants of food and drinks aim to develop their own rival to NutraSweet and Tate & Lyle's sucralose to meet health demand Robert Lindsay Coca-Cola and food ingredient giant Cargill have teamed up to market a new calorie-free natural sweetener they hope will shake up the global market currently dominated by Tate & Lyle's sucralose and Splenda and US company NutraSweet. The sweetener, tentatively named rebiana, will be based on the Stevia plant native to Paraguay but increasingly used as a health food in the... Continue Reading

Posted on June 1, 2007 in Stevia | Link

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