Aspartame Approval WAS Rescinded

The dangers of aspartame are not new by any means. The most current research studies showing aspartame is a carcinogen are not new discoveries proving the dangers of aspartame. Aspartame was determined to be a dangerous chemical as early as the 1960s. Over the past 30 years, aspartame has been identified as a carcinogen, a chemical that eats holes in brain tissue, and a dangerous food additive during pregnancy. Aspartame has been proven in research studies to lower the IQ of a fetus an average of 20 points, to deform the cleft palette during fetal development, and to adversely affect brain and nerve development in a fetus.

With this amount of negative research accumulating over the past 30 years proving the health dangers of aspartame as a toxic drug/food additive, this chemical should have been removed from the public market the day it was first approved.

And as matter of fact, aspartame WAS removed from the public market after it was approved. Aspartame has actually been approved for market TWICE. In the 1970s, aspartame was first approved by the FDA, but that approval was immediately rescinded when research was presented, showing that aspartame ate holes in the brains of the lab animals at Washington University.

Now, if this study at Washington University had been done on a vitamin supplement, it would have been immediately pulled from the market. Yet, aspartame is still on the market, so this is a perfect example of the politics behind aspartame and the diet chemical sweetener billion-dollar market. The research proving that aspartame is dangerous to human health is very real, and for those who choose to discount the science proving aspartame dangers, well, welcome to the dangers that consumers are facing today.

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