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The medical community is less understanding of the environmental factors, which includes aspartame, that effect Multiple Sclerosis, but environmental contact, especially during early years of growing up, can result in Multiple Sclerosis symptoms in later years.

It has been determined that Multiple Sclerosis is mediated in large part through the immune system. The immune system is what then alters the response to foreign materials in the body and appears to attack the myelin or the coating of the nerves around the axons in the brain and in the spinal cord.

Ingestion of aspartame adds to toxic reactions within the myelin, exacerbating Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

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Multiple Sclerosis and Aspartame

The cause of Multiple Sclerosis is not a single thing but a coming together of genetic predisposition, environmental contacts, commonly starting early in life, and other factors that we really only partially know about today, such as food chemicals like aspartame. One key question to ask is why do some people succumb to the disease and others do not?

Specifics things about Multiple Sclerosis have been researched and determined to be valid such as the patterns that people with certain tissue types from certain hereditary backgrounds are more likely to get Multiple Sclerosis, as well as persons from a Northern European background are more susceptible than someone from an African background. It is twice as common in women as it is in men, and people who grow up in the cooler polar regions of the world, whether it be the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere, have two to three times more chance of getting Multiple Sclerosis than the same person with the same genetic background who grows up in a warmer climate or a tropical area.

Actually, these factors are settings for the disease, but not the triggers. So, what triggers Multiple Sclerosis?

Whats known about Multiple Sclerosis?

Scientists do know some certain things about Multiple Sclerosis. Some new information that came out within the last few months shows there is more going on with Multiple Sclerosis than meets the clinical eye. When patients are clinically stable, they may still have the disease working in their body, but just not being manifested. With the development of MRIs, Multiple Sclerosis appears to have more active MRI lesions than it appears to have clinical exacerbation. This correlates with the research results of lesions within the brain mass of laboratory mice fed aspartame.

The best advice for Multiple Sclerosis worries, stay away from aspartame at all cost.

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