May 2006 Issue

FDA Statement on European Aspartame Study

My best reply (and the shortest) is to remind the reader that I have posted on the list of 92 health symptoms submitted to the FDA by medical doctors between 1986 and 1991. This list was mailed to journalist Barbara Mullarkey, who sent me a copy at that time. Interestingly enough, this list of 92 symptoms associated with aspartame use is no longer available on the FDA Web site. The FDA no longer recognizes (or remembers) that they once acknowledged the adverse reactions as a result of aspartame use at the onset of this issue. It appears they have... Continue Reading

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Critics Of Aspartame Warn Of Dangers

Dr. Hull was interviewed May 8, 2006, by investigative reporter Janet St. James from ABC affiliate, WFAA News in Dallas. Register free as a user to view the entire article. Critics Of Aspartame Warn Of Dangers 11:36 PM CDT on Monday, May 8, 2006 By JANET ST. JAMES / WFAA-TV The Food and Drug Administration said it will do a review of a study that claims aspartame causes cancer. Millions of people drink the popular artificial sweetener every day in their favorite diet soda and last year, an Italian study linked aspartame to higher rates of lymphoma and leukemia... Continue Reading

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So Who and What Do You Believe About The Safety of Sweeteners?

So Who and What Do You Believe About The Safety of Sweeteners? By Dr. Janet Starr Hull Illustrations by Lynn Townsend Dealey Consider saccharin. Research history proves that saccharin is safe for human use, and always has been. The pink stuff never caused cancer in humans after over one hundred years of use, nor was the 1960s laboratory study submitted for its public banishment ever proven to be legitimate.1 Saccharin has merely received a total of six FDA complaints in its 100+ year history of use, whereas aspartame, found in the blue packet known as NutraSweet's Equal®, had already received... Continue Reading

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