June 2006 Issue

EU FOOD REGULATORS: Aspartame Safe for Consumption

After you have stopped gawking at the large flashing banner advertising Splenda on the upper left side of this article (by Ahmed ElAmin, see below for direct link to the entire article), maybe you can focus on the political jargon craftily written to disengage your concerns about the 2005 Italian study proving aspartame causes cancer. Ask yourself these questions: Is the issue of aspartame safety a political issue? YES! Is this EU decision based on your children's health safety? NO! Are the corporate aspartame studies from 30 years ago being used to discredit the newest cancer studies performed outside the... Continue Reading

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If you have ever been in a college science lab or professional laboratory, you know the lab results you see are REAL. Professional scientists of the caliber of Dr. Soffritti and his research team at The European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences "B. Ramazzini" in Bologna, Italy don't take their aspartame research lightly, and they don't make careless mistakes. The study they performed on aspartame is one of the finest and well-respected laboratory studies proving the known dangers of aspartame. What we are witnessing as a result of the 2005 Italian study is a corporate panic to disengage public... Continue Reading

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No aspartame/acesulfame warning on new CocaCola Blak®

As time moves on, the soft drink companies are bound to make a mistake and go too far in this chemical sweetener war to win your dollar. This new cola/coffee drink may that final step of nutritional disaster. Children, especially those on ADD/ADHD drugs and those exposed to alcohol, will love this chemical caffeine concoction - what a sugar-free pick-me-up for the processed-food addict! And don't be naive if you believe children will resist purchasing and guzzling down this new "pick-me-up." We have intensely focused on their access to illegal drugs - now we are making it possible for our... Continue Reading

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Circadian variations of biochemical variables in aspartame treated rats

The following studies were performed on the dangers of aspartame and MSG in relation to the natural circadian rhythm in rats. The studies were designed and performed by the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Tamil Nadu, India. Specifically, the researchers observed the effects of aspartame and glucose administration on brain and plasma levels of large neutral amino acids and brain 5-hydroxy indoles, the effects of intense sweeteners on hunger, food intake and body weight, and the localization of aspartate-like immuno reactivity in the retina of the turtle (Pseudemys scripta). American critics say these studies bear no... Continue Reading

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