EU FOOD REGULATORS: Aspartame Safe for Consumption

After you have stopped gawking at the large flashing banner advertising Splenda on the upper left side of this article (by Ahmed ElAmin, see below for direct link to the entire article), maybe you can focus on the political jargon craftily written to disengage your concerns about the 2005 Italian study proving aspartame causes cancer.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is the issue of aspartame safety a political issue? YES!
Is this EU decision based on your children's health safety? NO!
Are the corporate aspartame studies from 30 years ago being used to discredit the newest cancer studies performed outside the United States by independent researchers - independent from American corporate pressures and corporate funding? YES!
Do YOU want your children using aspartame? I HOPE NOT!

Consumers are in trouble if they listen to the safety claims generated by the corporations making trillions of dollars off artificial sweeteners. Industrialized societies are foregoing natural nutritional practices for corporate nutrition, which leads to a dependency on pharmaceutical medicine. The corporations creating these products are pushing them onto consumers, lobbying for support within the governments, and donating millions of dollars to the organizations originally put into place to protect consumer health.

We are being lead down the wrong health path, and if we don't wake up and pay attention to the fact that commerce is dominating good science, we will find ourselves in heath chaos. It's time to put real science back into personal nutrition.

To your health!

Dr. Janet Starr Hull


Aspartame safe for consumption, food regulator concludes

By Ahmed ElAmin

05/05/2006 - The EU's food safety regulator today said aspartame is safe for consumption, contradicting a scientific study by the Ramazzini Foundation that claimed the artificial sweetener caused cancer.

The regulatory rejection of the study means food and beverage makers will not have to reformulate their products and find a substitute.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said it has evaluated the Ramazzini long-term study on the carcinogenicity of aspartame and concluded that "there is no need to further review the safety of aspartame nor to revise the previously established Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI)".

The current ADI for aspartame is 40 mg/kg body weight. Current average intakes of aspartame in Europe, including levels up to 10 mg/kg body weight per day, are well below the ADI, EFSA noted.

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