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David Burton, Sir Rebel Films, has produced a short-film on his new documentary on the dangers of aspartame.

"This is very important information for anyone who eats food," says Burton, "The style of the film is to show what everyone is saying about aspartame... everyone has a different story. The FDA says its safe. CSPI says there's "no proof", but it could cause cancer. Activists say its toxic. People are sick! So people should not eat it. Even CSPI has 2 different opinions on the subject.

"I think the point of the video is "don't eat artificial sweeteners" and that point is clear."

The aspartame issue is NOT NEW, that's for sure. Studies not funded by the aspartame industry do, indeed, show that aspartame is harmful to your health. Research as early as the 1960s has proven and documented that aspartame causes fetal deformities, that aspartame eats holes in brain tissue, and that aspartame caused the 1960 lab monkeys to all die of seizures. Publicly denying this information is valid proof that the manufacturers of aspartame are playing "games" with consumers, and manipulating the truth about aspartame's toxic effects on human health and a developing fetus is a serious matter. It greatly insults the professionals who have been fighting this crusade for over 20 years because we know such statements of aspartame safety are dangerously incorrect.

Suppressing the truth about aspartame dangers greatly insults those who use it because they are being left to suffer its toxic effects with no medical support to make them better.

People ARE waking up to the fact that aspartame is a root cause of many unresolved health issues that they, and their children, are suffering from. One day, the David Burtons out there will bust through the media blackout that has been manipulating the truth that you deserve to know.

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