July 2006 Issue

Oprah promotes Splenda® in her weight loss program

Another superstar has gotten on the Splenda® bandwagon. This time it is Oprah. Her new weight loss Boot Camp is using Splenda in their recipes. She and the fitness expert regularly appearing on her show, Bob Greene, are working with people all over the country helping them lose weight. So, while we appreciate Oprah's work, we want to inform her of the dangers of Splenda use. You can email Oprah your Splenda story by filling out the Oprah.com online form. You can also email Bob Greene at Get With the Program. Let's get the word out to these two very... Continue Reading

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FDA Publishes Consumer Article On Sweetener Safety

The new generation of FDA employees needs to do their history homework! Over time, the truth about aspartame approval (NutraSweet/Equal®) has been forgotten and buried deeper and deeper in the FDA files. To bring you up-to-date, I have posted the FDA's list of over 92 various health reactions to aspartame . These health reactions were submitted to the FDA from 1982 through 1991 by medical doctors and aspartame victims. After 1991, the FDA stopped filing them as specific "aspartame" reactions, and began listing them under symptom categories with generic and/or unknown sources. We have posted on our website the September... Continue Reading

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FDA Decision Of The Public Board Of Inquiry

This is a copy of the original FDA's Board of Inquiry questioning the safety of aspartame, found exclusively at that time in NutraSweet/Equal®. It is important that this information is available to the public so as to fully understand the fact that the FDA, as a whole at that time, was aware of the dangers of aspartame before its "second" approval in 1981, and that they did NOT recommend aspartame's approval for public consumption. The conclusions and summaries of this report begin on page 41. The FDA Review Board denied approval of aspartame September 30, 1980 based on a 50%... Continue Reading

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Aspartame Symptoms Submitted to the FDA

The following are symptoms attributed to aspartame in complaints submitted to the FDA by the Department of Health and Human Services April 20, 1995.... Continue Reading

Posted on July 16, 2006 in FDA, Side Effects | Link

How To Report Adverse Symptoms

If you've experienced adverse reactions to any chemical sweetener, please consider contacting the FDA with your complaints. Because chemical sweeteners can be found in over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, vitamins, vaccinations, toothpaste, and food products it is important to look closely at the FDA Web site to find out exactly where you should send your complaint. The FDA Web site includes contact information for non-emergency food-related complaints, non-emergency reactions to medical products, and vaccinations. Click on the link provided on the FDA Web site to find the office with which to file your complaint. For more information, please visit www.FDA.org for... Continue Reading

Posted on July 9, 2006 in FDA | Link

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