September 2007 Issue

Study Advocates Aspartame is Safe?

Industry-funded study calls aspartame safe By Will Dunham On Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:06 PM ET From Reuters A review of 500 studies conducted over a quarter century has turned up no credible evidence that the widely used artificial sweetener aspartame is unsafe, industry-funded research released on Tuesday showed. A panel of American, British and Dutch experts rejected the notion that aspartame causes cancer, seizures, neurological damage or learning problems, or contributes to obesity. The panel did conclude that some people might be prone to headaches after consuming it. The group did not conduct original research but assessed existing studies... Continue Reading

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Aspartame Safety Review

After several past statements coming from Michael Jacobson at CSPI citing that aspartame is safe for human consumption, now this organization has decided to reverse their position and make the statement that aspartame is indeed a health threat. Well, it just goes to show how the "truth and publicity" about aspartame has been grossly manipulated by the "system." What consumers had been hearing about aspartame safety was not true; merely what certain organizations wanted you to hear. But, as the truth is slowly but surely making its way into the mainstream communication networks, the individuals and organizations with the highest... Continue Reading

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