Aspartame Safety Review

After several past statements coming from Michael Jacobson at CSPI citing
that aspartame is safe for human consumption, now this organization has
decided to reverse their position and make the statement that aspartame is
indeed a health threat. Well, it just goes to show how the "truth and
publicity" about aspartame has been grossly manipulated by the "system."
What consumers had been hearing about aspartame safety was not true; merely
what certain organizations wanted you to hear. But, as the truth is slowly
but surely making its way into the mainstream communication networks, the
individuals and organizations with the highest form of integrity are letting
you know the truth. They have been warning you all along.

Be very leery of the media and research groups, and the various government
agencies that have sold out in the past by telling you aspartame was safe.
The heat must be on them now; now they decide to come clean and deliver the
truth that aspartame has been proven to harm human health. Listen the most
to, and support those who have maintained aspartame dangers from the
beginning; illustrating their true integrity and sincere concern for human
health. These are the groups, organizations, and individuals to pay
attention to and trust. CSPI let us down in the past and publicly put forth
information that was not true. Why are they now deciding to come clean?

Read the entire New Aspartame Safety Review 'Perfectly Predictable' article.

Posted on September 13, 2007 in Aspartame in the news | Link

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