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From: Melissa
Subject: Aspartame Questions

1. What is the purpose of writing a book about aspartame?

I want to teach people the truth about aspartame. After I healed my disease caused by aspartame, I realized people like myself were not informed on the true dangers of this product, and the corporations making trillions of dollars off the sales of aspartame do not want the truth to come out. They successfully protect their profits by manipulating the media, mostly by threats of loss of donations and advertising monies. My book is one way to get the information to the public without being stopped. I want to help others through my near death experience caused by aspartame.

2. What dangers are caused by aspartame?

There is a list of 92 health symptoms aspartame causes because of its ability to penetrate the brain. It interferes with normal brain signals within the brain, therefore creating a multitude of dysfunction within the body systems. The list is in my book.

3. What proof is there that aspartame is the cause of these dangers?

Hundreds of independent researchers not on corporate payrolls (but on university research grants) have proven over and over again in laboratory studies that aspartame causes cancer, brain lesions, fetal damage, and mental disorders. The proof is there.

4. Do you think people are more aware of aspartame now than before? Why?

Definitely yes. Communications such as my book that have not been 'bought off' by corporations have reached the public primarily because of the freedom on the internet. If it weren't for this form of communication, no one would know the truth. Prior to the internet so many truth were successfully hidden from societies. See, you found me through the net. Now, we must get through to major TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazines to print the truth. This WILL start a revolution, though. And multiple lawsuits will follow. It will be turmoil as people will be angry that this truth has been kept from them and so many people have suffered by losing their health. Some have died from aspartame, too.

5. How did you conduct your research on aspartame?

My personal research was with my own diagnosis of an incurable disease. Nothing in my life had been different before I got sick other than I started drinking diet colas. When I removed all aspartame from my diet, my 'disease' disappeared within 30 days. This was 11 years ago and I have been in perfect health since that time. Now, I counsel patients who are reacting to aspartame yet their doctors see nothing on expensive lab reports. They remove all aspartame from their lives, and their mysterious health problems disappear. It's happening more and more every day. People are figuring it out for themselves, yet no doctors can help them, and little information is available to justify what they experienced.

6. Have a lot of people bought your book?

Yes. It sells in Europe and the Commonwealth also, but if the word becomes public, it should sell a million copies worldwide!!

Thank you very much for your time.

You're welcome. Good luck on your work and stay away from the sweet poison.

From: Linda Murphy
Subject: Info Please

I just finished reading your website...excellent...I agree with it all.

I have a question for you, perhaps your knowledge of these various studies can give me an answer. I have, over the past year, lost 112 pounds, (with another 114 to go). I did it eating a very healthy diet ; no animal, dairy, sugar, white flour. I eat a primarily raw diet and a gallon of steamed distilled water a day, plus many supplements. But, now, for the first time in my life, I have high blood pressure, and am 'spilling protein'. I am under a doctor's care, but, she has no idea why this is happening.

What was your previous diet like? Did you eat like the present? Past toxins and chemical diets may be underlying losing weight - like awakening a sleeping giant. Do you know if the supplements are the specific ones the body needs at the time? What toxins may have accumulated over the years? Losing weight is awesome, but it may have simply uncovered what has been beneath your body tissues for many years.
Now, my question; could my PH balance have anything to do with this? Would a hair anaylasis tell us anything pertaining to the condition I just described?

Yes, pH plays a critical role in health - get pH strips from the drug store and test your urine every morning before eating and each night before bed for ten days. Let me know the readings. Also, a hair test will show what toxins have been present and what specific nutrients you need now that you have a new and healthy lifestyle.

Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated, my nails are ridged and splitting, and my hair is falling out, and I am desperate for answers.

Sounds like a toxic thyroid and some hormone imbalances. This is common with weight loss and a change of lifestyle. And the doctor may not have picked this up as it is more nutritional than medical.

From: Pam
Subject: Protein Drinks

Thank you for publishing your book on "SWEET POISON". I just read it overnight and can't believe what sheep we've become to the manufacturers. I've been working to be a healthier person for 10 years and have been regularly visiting the library to keep informed.

Thank you for your kind comments. You are 100% correct in that consumers have been 'sheep', yet we have been lead down that path by deceit from greedy corporations. It is time to wake up and say 'no more.'

This is the first time I've seen this book. GREAT JOB!

But, what about these protein drinks? I am using one and the label can become "Greek" trying to figure out what's in it. Some protein drinks are better than others. And watch out for the flavored waters, too. Many of these mass produced health and energy drinks contain processed chemicals and isolated amino acids, all of which are harmful to your body. Proteins should always be in a natural combined amino acid form with at least EIGHT amino acids available.

"NOW' makes mine but it seems to have some alarming things in it. NO ASPARTAME but it has L-Aspartic Acid 2114 mg per 28 g serving and L-Phenylalanine 554 mg per 28 g serving. Also a weird L-Methionine 370 mg per 28 g serving, The are referred to as Essential Amino Acids (11 listed in all). And Non-Essential Amino Acids 8 listed in all. This meets the criteria for amino acids, but be careful if you have had a reaction to aspartame, as these particular amino acids can create the SAME reaction. Watch out for those bright squiggly lights in your eyes that I wrote about in SWEET POISON, and for headaches. If this occurs, stop the particular product. Get your aminos from foods if possible.

I'm confused. Isn't it toxic to use L-Phenylalaine and Aspartic Acid and Methionine together ( Is this methanol ?).

You are right. In the natural form, the body will process these amino acids as fuel, but when manufactured, they are FAKE aminos; cheaper to manufacture and meant to 'trick' the body into believing it's real fuel. This is why the body reacts adversely to fake amino acids - they are empty fuel sources. Try the product and see if you get ANY negative reactions. It should be OK if it is indeed natural aminos and in combination. Call the company for confirmation on quality and make them assure you will not mock an aspartame reaction for liability reasons.

It's time to hold ALL corporations accountable, both natural and synthetic, but NOW is a good company.



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