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One of the most common sources of toxic metals, pollutants, bacteria, and fungi come from home water or well water. Even though foods saturated with artificial chemical food additives are a source of many body pollutants at the root of human disease, one of the most common and prolific sources of man-made chemicals polluting the human body come from our drinking water.

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Whether you live in the country and drink from well water or live in an urban area downstream from an industrial area, it is prudent to have your home drinking water tested for chemicals you may be exposed to daily. Water testing is a simple way to design future solutions for the health and safety or yourself, your family, and your pets.

With a background in environmental engineering, as a Certified Hazardous Waste and Emergency Responder and former firefighter, the water analysis is a basic tool Dr. Hull has routinely used to clean up toxic environments. As she wrote in her book SWEET POISON, cleaning the body is no different than remediating a polluted stream. You must identify the toxins within and outside your body, and design a program to clean them up. Water is a primary source for toxins that pollute our human bodies.

Water quality studies testing well water and home water are a critical analysis for human health.

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