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You are what you drink! A significant source of many toxic elements which individuals are exposed daily may be in drinking water. Metals such as lead and copper can be introduced into drinking water by old pipes in homes or by old plumbing systems bringing water to houses from municipal treatment facilities. Unknown contaminants upstream can pollute rural water wells.

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To assure safe drinking water, you should test your water for the primary seventeen metals (such as lead, copper, aluminum, and arsenic) plus pH water quality in your drinking water for $150.00. You can add fluoride testing for an additional $45.00.

E-mail your request for home water testing or water well testing to Dr. Janet Starr Hull at jshull@sweetpoison.com. We will process your order and assign you a Lab ID number. Within five days, you will receive a prepaid sample collection kit and detailed instructions on how to collect your sample, along with a prepaid (U.S. only) USPS Priority Mail envelop to ship your sample to the lab. The report will be sent to our offices where Dr. Hull will interpret the results and compare them to any hair mineral tests you may have had performed, if applicable.

Home water samples can be taken from the kitchen tap, bathroom faucets, your water well, or outdoor streams and ponds.

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