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As a former college professor, I believe there is never enough data available to teach or to learn. The aspartame issue is no exception, especially when itís potential to harm people is a reality.

Many excellent articles have been published on aspartame, and many research institutions have made public their findings that aspartame is indeed toxic.

The following aspartame articles are sourced to reputable research scientists as well as respected institutions that have formally published articles on their alarming findings on the dangers of aspartame.

Aspartame Information:
Aspartame Detoxifcation:

Norway Study Connects Aspartame with Brain Destruction.

FDA report on Searle's submission for NutraSweet approval 1977.

Dr. Woodrow C. Monte’s Methanol Research – University Of Arizona

MIT: Health and Safety Concerns - Testimony before Congress Nov 3, l987.

Fibromyalgia mystery: If MSG and sweeteners stop, so do symptoms.

Washington Post: Safety of sugar subsutitute.

Aspartame exposure in the work place exacerbates Multiple Sclerosis.

Letter from Senator Howard Metzenbaum of the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources to Senator Orrin Hatch

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