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A hair analysis is not understood by traditional medicine, but is highly respected in the world of forensics, scientific research, and drug testing. So what's the difference in wellness? Nothng. A hair analysis works the same as a soil or water sample would to a geologist - it leaves a permanent imprint of the body's environment within the protein in thehair follicles.

Having a hair analysis performed is one of the most accurate ways of detecting toxic metals within your tissues and determining your vitamin and nutrient imbalances.

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Are hair analysis tests really accurate?

Yes, of course they are.  They are as credible as a standard blood or urine test.  The key to a good hair analysis is the capability of a credentialed laboratory and the expertise of the practitioner interpreting the results.  The American government and law enforcement agencies have depended upon hair analyses for decades to provide conclusive evidence in crime investigations and for drug testing for prison parolees.  The cause of death by poisoning can only be determined conclusively via a hair analysis, as in the case of Andrew Jackson.

Doctor's Data Laboratory, the lab that I use for hair testing, performed the analysis on Andrew Jackson's body, and determined he was indeed poisoned by arsenic.  Doctor's Data also does all testing on the animals for SeaWorld.

Why doesn't my doctor use hair analysis tests?

One of the shortcomings of the American Medical Association is the lack of nutritional education they require for medical students.  American medical schools promote more of the pharmaceutical philosophy of healing opposed to a nutritionally based curriculum.

Blood and urine tests have value, of course, as those results can identify disease present within the body and they help your doctor determine the amount and kind of drugs and medications needed to suppress disease symptoms for immediate relief.  And, we must remember that 'drugs' do not cure disease, merely contain the symptoms.  

The hair mineral analysis on the other hand, identifies long-term nutritional deficiencies that can be at the root of disease, along with identifying toxic metals within the body that can cause disease.  Again, most traditional medical doctors do not know how to interpret a hair analysis.

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