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I perform hundreds of hair analyses for people all over the world from my website. It is an effective way to determine what may be at the root of health symptoms, and I can counsel with you through email and provide your results and my written recommendations via snail mail.

Ordering a hair analysis from my website is an easy process. Follow Steps One and Two, mail me your hair sample, and you're on your way to wellness!

Hair Analysis Pages:

If you are interested in getting a hair analysis through my website you will need to send me a sample of your hair, Step One, and provide your personal information in Step Two.

Step One:

For instructions on sending me a sample of your hair, follow the steps below:


Cut samples of the young hair at the back of the head at the neck area. If there is any concern about chemicals on your head hair, pubic hair samples are commonly submitted for analysis.

Using stainless steel scissors, cut the hair as close to the scalp (or skin) as possible. It is best if small amounts of hair are cut from 5 or 6 areas at the back of the head.


As each piece of hair is cut from the head, save only 1-inch (2.5 cm) of the hair closest to the scalp (new growth).  Cut off and discard the rest.

If your hair is too short to cut, pubic hair can be submitted, or thinning shears may be used to obtain the specimen by placing them next to the scalp.

0.25 grams of hair is a sufficient amount of hair to collect.  This is equivalent to an approximate heaping tablespoon.
Place the hair in a zip-lock baggie and seal.
Mark on the baggie indicating if it's head or pubic hair (sending a sufficient amount of hair as more hair is better than too little).
Provide your personal information in Step Two, send a check or money order with your sample hair or you can pay via pay pal below.
Send your hair sample and payment to:

Dr. Janet Hull
PO Box 239
Melissa, TX 75454

I will forward your hair sample to the lab. Your test results should be back in my office within two weeks.  I will complete a work-up on the results and mail you my nutritional recommendations along with your test results. You are welcome to contact me with additional questions at any time by email.  If special health circumstances exist, further alternative nutritional recommendations can be arranged.

Step Two:

Patient Information:
Daytime Phone :*
Evening Phone :*
Birth Date :*
Race :*
Zip Code:*

Hair Elements:
Natural Hair Color:*
Past 60 days have you used:*
Shampoo Used:*
Type of hair provided for test:*
Date of hair sample*:

Aspartame Information:
Do you consume aspartame?*
How long have you been using aspartame?
Did your health symptoms begin after you started using aspartame (think back)?
Please list the diet products you use regularly?
Do you use Equal (the blue packet)?

Payment Information:
Method of payment:*
I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!
Pay Pal Payment:
Please send total amount to jshull@sweetpoison.com
Money Order :
Please include a money order for total amount
Please make check out to Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Hair Analysis Information:
Hair Analysis Lab Fee:
Dr. Hull's Interpretation / Nutritional Recommendations:
Total Cost of Hair Analysis:
$180.00 US Dollars

Other Information:
How did you hear about our site? *


To order "secure" via pay pal:


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