Healthy Treatments' Tips for Coughing Relief

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by Lee Harrington

Coughing is an interference of the breathing responses
to airflow. A natural air effect common to a respiratory
condition, coughing is the airway to breathing congestion
and sensitivities.

There are many different kinds of treatments prescribed for
coughing. My prescription includes (a) drinking your
favorite "hot" teas and broths daily; (b) taking warm oil
baths or showers nightly prior to bed time while rubbing or
massaging your body with your favorite herbal oils during
your bath or shower; (c) sitting quietly inhaling and
exhaling through the nostrils; (d) sipping lukewarm water at
room temperature frequently and slowly dissolving the water
through the esophagus during the day; (e) keeping warm as
much as you can; (f) having someone to massage your upper
back and chest areas, such as a trusted friend, companion or
massage therapist. These remedies soothe, cleanse and clear
the blocking of the airways reducing the cough.

Persistent nasal drips, pollens, dust, chemicals, fumes of
various kinds irritating the lungs and esophagus (throat
area), producing mucous, straining the muscles in the
abdomen and chest are related to the symptoms of coughing.

By replacing the loss of fluids in the body, clearing the
blocking of the airways and relaxing the muscles throughout
the biology, are beneficial signs toward allowing air
passages to be open, circulating easily.

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teacher, researcher, educational consultant, electronic
publisher and writes while in a meditative state of


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