Strength training for weight loss

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by Gary Matthews

For years we have been told to diet the excess fat
from our bodies and throw in some fast walking to hasten
the process. The trouble with this is that the low calorie
restricted diet would throw the body into starvation mode,
with the body holding onto the fat and using precious
muscle tissue for energy.

This would lower the metabolism causing greater muscle loss
and when the diet is broken the fat is returned because
of the lower metabolism and even more is put onto the body.

"A Vicious Cycle"

The walking is good provided it is done fast enough
to elevate the breathing and not to the point of huffing and
puffing which would be training your cardiovascular system.
Soon you would pleateau with the walking and the diet and
there you would reach a point where nothing was happening.
So what do you do now, try weight loss supplements, creams,
massage, toning tables, drugs? if you've read "Maximum
nutrition for fatloss and muscle gain" , you'll know that
these don't work.

Or do you throw your hands up in the air, to hell with the
diet, give in to the cravings and gorge yourself on high fat
foods until you are physically sick ?!! There is a better
way. Plain and simply it is

"Strength Training"

More and more studies are showing this to be the case. By
increasing the functional muscle on your body (remember
fat is big and lumpy, muscle is smooth and hard) your
metabolism increases dramaticly burning fat at an alarming
rate. (Ladies, you havent got the testosterone to get big
and muscular, so don't worry).

I've physically proven this time and time again in the Gym
with obese clients, male and female, with fantastic results
If you don't incorporate strength training into your fat
loss regime then you are in for dissapointing results.

Gone are the days of the five day a week program with 6 to
12 sets per body part. That just doesn't work anymore. One
short intense strength training workout a week will melt
away more fat and increase more functional muscle that you
ever thought possible.

Gary Matthews
"The worlds most effective twenty minute workouts"


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