Memory Problems

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by Lillian Lucas

Memory is as natural to us as breathing. It is
an ability we all have yet rarely ever think of unless we
perceive that we are losing that ability. We will have a
lapse at times and it can be annoying. But worse is the
anxiety that comes along, we begin to ask ourselves if
this is a symptom of some other problem.

The first thing that comes to mind is Alzheimer's, it is
important to realize that most memory loss has nothing to
do with Alzheimer's. People have come to expect with age
their ability to remember will begin to deteriorate; that
the power of recall will diminish. This is not necessarily
true. The aging process itself has little, if any, bearing
on the ability to recall information. Occasional memory
lapse are a natural, normal part of life at virtually any
age, but with proper diet and nutrition, the memory should
remain sharp and active well into one's nineties or beyond.

Nutrition is an important factor for the brain, they flow
through the blood supply, and it literally feeds and
nourishes every cell within our bodies. The brain is
surrounded by a protector known as the blood-brain barrier,
which allows only certain substances to pass from the
bloodstream into the brain. If the blood is "thick" with
cholesterol and triglycerides, the amount of nutrients-rich
blood that can pass through the blood-brain barrier
decreases. Over time, this can result in the brain becoming

The functioning of the brain depends upon substances called
neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals
that act as electrical switches in the brain and through
the nervous system. If your mind goes blank, or you recall
something that was not at all what you wanted to remember
this is what's called Power failure or short circuit.


Exposure to free radicals, deficiencies of the B vitamins,
and amino acids, Alcohol, drugs abuse or some prescription,
stress, Hypoglycemia as the brain does require that level
of glucose in the blood be at a very specific narrow range


Remember our attitudes and approach. As we age our attitude
on life changes how we look at things,
Real joy comes not from the praise of others, but from
doing something worthwhile.

Our ability to remember isn't affected as much as we think.
It is the change in our motivation. Keep your "Life-Style"
active think young and enjoy. We are still among the
Living. What is over there you would like to do? Being
active is haft the battle of staying healthy. Eating well
taking the correct nutrients.

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