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by Hajime Jozuka, M.D.

Psychoneuroimmunopathology is the new word in the world.
Psychoneuroimmunopathology means the philosophy of the new
holistic medicine. Psychoneuroimmunopathology originates
from whole psychiatric, neurological and immunological
phenomena based on Psychopathology.

Psychoneuroimmunopathology is born in clinical practices as

1) Bence Jones protein in urine was found in some
schizoaffective disorders in acute stage. This phenomenon
lead us to the conclusion that much phenomena in brain have
deep relations to immune responses.

2) The elevation of serum IgE level was observed in severe
condition on panic disorders. This phenomenon means that
brain has exactly some relations to immune control systems.
Further more, elevation of killer T cell and Natural killer
cell activity were observed in panic disorders.

3) In major depressions reduction of NK cell activity, IL-
2, serum cortisol and DHEA were observed. These phenomena
lead us to the conclusion that deep relationships are
available among brain, hormon and immune responses.
4) IgE levels in an atopic dermatitis decreased after a
relaxation therapy and/or a catharsis therapy. As a result,
an atopic dermatitis recovered by use of a relaxation
therapy and/or a catharsis.

5) Type A behavior pattern showed high NK cell activity
levels, high IL-2 levels and high cortisol levels. From
about 10 years observation 35% of type A behavior pattern
were suffering from some cancers.

6) Laughing training elevate NK cell activity, IL-2, serum
coltisl and DHEA levels in cancers, and controls, too.

>From these observations the author's study group have been
tring to use psychopathological therapy, laughing therapy
and antidepressant(SSRI and SNRI) on cancers. As the
results, spontaneous regression of cancer was observed in
whole clients.

These results lead us to the big conclusion that
psychoneuroimmunological treatment will be deep and wide
study area and practically useful.


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