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by Lillian Lucas

Stress. We all seem to have it no matter what
we do. People who are on the go doing the normal on the
job routine, or staying home and taking care of a
family. What we need to know is how to handle the

Two much stress has a negative effect on nervous system.
The sources can be physical, or emotional.

Psychological stress factor. Because stress can cause many
symptoms, a Doctor may order medical tests, even if he
suspects that stress is the real problem. The following is
a partial list of common manifestations of stress.



Wanting to eat more or not eating

Irritability Teeth grinding

Anger Headaches Smoking & drinking more


Upset stomach Forgetfulness


Rashes Drugs

Chronic Fatigue even after rest

Not sleeping well

Now that I have taken you through all the nice little
things that can happen. Lets talk about what you can do to
keep yourself living the good life.


Take a few minutes each day preferably at the same time.
Turn on your favorite music, Sit, or lie down Place your
hands with the palms up in a comfortable position. Now,
close your eyes. Let yourself think of something you really
like. Mine is a Blue Rose that has just opened and I can
smell the beautiful fragrance. What's yours?

In doing this you are taking the time your body needs to
relax. Music increases the endorphin levels (brain
chemicals that lift your moods.

Then when things do get out of hand try to think of the
peace you saw when you had your time alone. Just that
second of thought could give your body the charge it needs
to cope.


Pamper yourself take the time to get a relaxing Massage.
This will help relieve all the tension that can build up.
The type of massage I highly recommended is Acupressure,
and Reikie,

You will experience a whole different type of massage.
They work on the meridians in your body. Through a state of
energetic balance a balance which pervades the whole of our
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being.
We can learn to maintain the balanced state that we
experience through the acupressure treatment. You are
healing your body through therapeutic healing touch. Some
people are aware of Hand & Feet, Reflexology:

You could call this body refexology. But the correct name
is Shiatsu Acupressure originated in Japan.


Following an exercise program at least 3 or 4 days a week
will help in the release of stress. Exercise helps the
endorphin levels. There are many types of exercise. Choose
one that you would not likely give up before you start.
As this is something you should do for your new



The deep Hara breathing is excellent for the body. There
are classes you can join. Or Video films to teach you.
Check at library, bookstores & video stores.

Tie Chi

Highly recommended. You balance the body & Mind. Can be
done anywhere home, park office, get together with other
people for a day or evening. Video films can be rented from
Vida centers checked out in a library or purchased from

Walks, Jogging, treadmill, ET. The choice is yours " do it
for your health."

Changing your "Life-Style " is getting a new education to a
better way of life.


Make a thing to do list. What is important to do first?
Which is less important? Take time Spread things out so you
have the time to start your new "Life-Style " If your not
worth it who is.

Make sure your list includes things you care about, visit
with friends and talk share your ideas.

Correct diet, exercise, and nutrition play crucial roles in
balancing the nervous system.

Start a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and whole grain
products. The body's increased need for vitamin A, C, and
for thiamin, riboflavin, and other B Vitamins. Stress also
prompts the Kidneys to increase the secretion of important
minerals, like calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Suggestion the best way to know if you are getting all you
need from your diet is to have muscle testing done buy a
qualified Homeopathic Doctor. Or someone who knows "Touch
for Health muscle testing can be done through them.
Final Thought.

Let us be reminded that a change in "Life-Styles" and a
change in thinking will never need to be "Tested." They are
the most powerful health agents of all.


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