Don't Rush Weight Loss

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by Shana Albert

I know when you finally decide to lose weight you
want it right then and there. You want to see the pounds
come off as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the slower you
lose the weight the better your chances are at keeping it

First, you have to figure out how many calories you can eat
in a day to maintain the weight you're at. You do this by
keeping a journal of everything you eat in a day & the
calories that each item you ate is worth. If you are
gaining weight then you need to eat a little less. Once you
figure out what you can eat & not gain any more this is
your maintenance calorie count.

Next, in order to lose some weight slowly take a look at
your daily food journal & see where you can cut out 100
calories here or there. A lot of times this is real easy.
You might drink a lot of soda each day. If you cut out one
of those sodas right there is about 100 calories you save
just in one day. You are doing great. A small sacrifice
here & there is a lot better for you than cutting 1,000
calories at a time.

If you just cut your calories down to 1000 calories or less
your body will think you're starving & slow your metabolism
down. This is called "starvation mode". Your body wants to
maintain the weight you're at & it will actually slow your
metabolism down. This will cause you not to lose the weight
you so want to lose. DO NOT CUT YOUR CALORIE INTAKE

Try the daily food journal idea & just cut down on some
areas that you think you could sacrifice. You will be
amazed how easily you can cut 500 calories out of your
daily calorie intake without being hungry.

If you don't want to keep a daily food journal there is an
easy to do formula on how to estimate what your daily
calorie intake should be to maintain your weight later on
in this Newsletter.

Another thing you can do to lose weight without having to
cut your calories is EXERCISE. Exercising just three days a
week, 30 minutes each day, can burn about 1000-1500
calories each week. Wow, if you cut about 250 calories each
day and workout 30 minutes 3 days a week imagine how much
weight you can lose & not have to starve yourself. I bet
you will notice a difference in your body in about three
weeks. See, that's not overnight, but it's the healthy &
the most effective way of losing weight.

My point is not to rush losing weight. It just doesn't
work. Cut your calories down, but not below 1200 calories,
& start exercising. I guarantee your weight loss! Maybe not
as quick as you were hoping, but you will lose weight!


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