The Fountain of Youth Within US!

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by Mark Dayley

Each of us yearns to maintain our youthful
appearance, energy and good health free from disease and
sickness. We look for help from the "discoveries of
science" and "breakthrough drugs" or "elixirs" full of
promise. While we have made significant progress in our
understanding of the human body and of life, still we find
that the vital health and youthfulness we are looking for
is elusive. What we ultimately come to recognize is that
the "Fountain of Youth" lies "naturally" within each of us.

As we take a look at nature and the lifestyles of earlier
cultures, we do not find the problems of disease, sickness
or excess weight that occur in our modern society. This
should prompt us to see what these cultures doing that has
proven to work throughout time. For example, I try to live
a more natural lifestyle in regards to diet (whole raw
foods), activity and exercise, environment (natural fibers
for clothing, non toxic cleaners, etc.), and pure distilled
water. I incorporate each of these as much as possible,
though not perfectly. Nevertheless, the result is a better
quality of life largely free from sickness and disease.

Sometimes I am asked such questions as, "You look healthy
and young but where do you get your protein, calcium, etc.
since you do not eat meat or dairy products?" I simply
reply that I get these things from the same sources that
the gorilla does (who is naturally healthy and has a
similar digestive system to that of humans): namely from
the plant kingdom (fruits, vegetables, legumes, and
grains). For example, a serving of carrot juice contains 8
times the calcium as an equal size serving of milk. Plus
carrot juice is more easily digested, does not promote
allergies and is non-mucus forming.

Our SAD (Standard American Diet) of today unfortunately
consists of highly processed "foods" that starve the body
of nutrition and create difficulties for the digestive
system, which results in colon problems. It is known in the
natural health industry that over 90% of all human diseases
and sickness are from a congested (constipated) colon. This
also accelerates the aging process. Modern science hasn't
and won't find a break-through drug that will restore your
health. But they don't need to. The solution simply is a
more natural lifestyle involving the integration of
corrective and preventative measures over time. Let me
mention a few below.

One corrective measure is to cleanse and detoxify the body
to get rid of some of the causes of disease and sickness.
This can be done by:

Drinking adequate amounts of pure distilled water. A
good rule of thumb is to drink one ounce of water for each
pound a person weighs.

Stimulate the digestive track by reflexology massage on
the sole of the feet every other day. Reflexology charts
are available in health stores or online.

Herbal stimulation of the elimination process. There are
several good herb based products that can help to stimulate
the elimination process in the colon and intestinal track.
These can be ingestible (capsules, tablets, powders, etc.),
herbal poultices, or convenient and highly effective
transdermal herbal patches. Transdermal means that the
healing properties of the herbs are drawn into the body and
harmful toxins are drawn out. Transdermal patches applied
to the sole of the feet during sleep have the advantages of:

a) Working when the body is at rest or in its "fasting"
mode and has additional energy to devote to internal

b) Being able to stimulate various body systems and organs
through reflexology points on the soles of the feet.

c) Concentrates the transdermal effects of the healing
herbs in the area of the feet that need elimination of
toxins and waste, which have gravitated to the feet from
hours of standing and sitting.

Some preventative measures can involve the following:

Start today to migrate your diet from processed and
refined devitalized "foods" to whole, raw, organic foods
that are full of nutrition and are easily digested.

Increase physical activity and enjoy nature with regular
outdoor activities, or by integrating an exercise program,

Take time outdoors each day to breath deeply clean,
fresh air.

Be happy, smile often, and laugh daily. Sounds too easy,
but eliminating stress is proven to increase health.

Nature has everything to offer if you are willing to
indulge. Start today to make these suggestions a part of
your new lifestyle. Enjoy good health and long life and
find the true Fountain of Youth Within!

About the author: Mark Dayley has studied numerous health
and nutrition topics, written articles for health related
newsletters and magazines, registered many nutritional
products internationally and consulted for various health
and nutrition companies for several years.


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