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November 2003

Publisher: Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN
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This month's Healthy Newsletter begins the
holiday season in America and throughout
many parts of the world. As the holiday
season comes near, remember to take care of
your body and stay healthy, physically,
emotionally, and spiritually.

I have two quick and easy crock pot Healthy
Recipes you'll enjoy, and some Safety Alerts
for Christmas presents for both young and

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy

To your health!
Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN


=> Fat Burning Foods
=> Personal Hormone Profile Part 3
=> Did You Know?
=> Q & A with Dr. Hull
=> This Month's Healthy Recipe
=> Safety Alerts/Government Recalls


Aspartame Dangers Revealed

10 Steps To Detoxification

Hair Analysis Program


Thank you so much for answering me so
quickly. I will definitely check out your
book at the library, and if I have any more
questions I will e-mail you again. And I
warned my family not to use aspartame anymore.
My mother gets such bad migraines that she
can't even function so I told her to not
drink diet coke anymore and we'll see what
happens. I bet they'll go away. And even
though I love diet coke I'm definitely not
drinking it anymore. Ok have a good night!
And thanks again for being so helpful.


Fat burning foods contain what are called
reverse calories. When mixed with fattening
foods, fat burning foods make fatty foods
less calorific by destroying their fat before
it is stored in the body. Eating greater
amounts of fat burning foods can make you
thin without starving yourself.

For example, real fruit is preferable to
fruit juice. A fresh orange is fat burning
because it requires digestive energy (calories)
to digest the pulp and fiber. Fresh orange
juice is not fattening but it is not 'fat
burning' because no great energy expense is
needed to digest it. Many soups, while
low-calorie, are not fat burning because
little effort is needed to digest them.

Fatty meats are not considered fat burning
foods because the body is left with excess
calories after digestion. Lean meats, however,
can be considered fat burning foods. Leaner
meats help the body burn its own fat and do
not contribute left-over calories to any
significant degree. In addition to their
bodybuilding functions, lean meats stimulate
the production of glucagon, a fat-dissolving
hormone. Glucagon causes a release of fat from
inner fat stores so that the fat can be burned.
This happens in the presence of fat burning

Here is a list of fat-burning foods:

* apples
* kumquats
* apricots
* lemons
* raspberries/blackberries/loganberries
* blueberries
* strawberries
* limes
* tangerines
* cantaloupe
* mangoes
* watermelon
* cherries
* muskmelons
* cranberries
* nectarines
* currants
* oranges
* damson plum
* papaya
* fruit salad (fresh or canned)
* peaches
* grapefruit
* pears
* grapes
* pineapple
* honeydew
* pomegranates
* prunes

* artichokes
* corn on the cob
* parsnips
* asparagus (boiled)
* green beans
* cucumbers
* peas
* string beans
* dandelion
* peppers (green, red)
* greens/mustard greens
* beets/beet greens
* dill pickles/pickles
* eggplant
* broccoli
* endive
* Brussel sprouts
* garlic
* pumpkin
* cabbage
* kale
* radishes
* Chinese kohlrabi
* red cabbage/cabbage
* carrots
* leeks
* rhubarb
* cauliflower
* lettuce
* rutabagas
* celeriac
* mushrooms
* sauerkraut
* celery
* okra
* scallions
* chicory
* onions
* sorrel
* chives
* parsley
* spinach leaves
* squash
* turnips
* tomato (fresh, canned)
* watercress

* sea bass
* crabs
* oysters (cocktail, raw, 1/2 shell)
* buffalo flounder
* clams
* frog legs
* shrimp (cooked)
* lobster
* terrapin
* cod steaks
* mussels

Fat burning foods best eaten raw
* apples
* cucumbers
* pears
* apricots
* dandelion
* peppers (red or green)
* berries
* endive
* pineapple
* cabbage
* white grapes
* plums
* carrots
* leeks
* prunes
* celery
* lettuce
* radishes
* melons
* sauerkraut
* cherries
* onions
* tomatoes
* chives
* parsley
* watercress
* citrus fruits
* peaches

Fat burning foods best eaten cooked
* asparagus
* chicory
* salsify
* beans (string or wax)
* collards
* sorrel
* beet greens
* eggplant
* spinach
* broccoli
* kale
* squash
* turnips
* carrot tops
* mushrooms
* cauliflower
* oyster plant
* celeriac
* parsnips
* chard
* pumpkin
* chervil
* rhubarb

Food lists from Dr. Lindlahr:


In this month's newsletter, I have written
about DHEA and pregnenolone. Many
consider pregnenolone to be the most
important hormone in the human body as it
is able to regulate the levels of all the
steroid hormones.

a human hormone synthesized from pregnenolone
and is easily converted into other hormones,
especially estrogen and testosterone. DHEA is
a steroid hormone, and is considered a
'chemical cousin' of testosterone and estrogen.

Much of DHEA's reputation comes from
experiments in which mice or rats were fed
daily doses. Such studies have shown that DHEA
can prevent or delay the onset of cancer,
"hardening" of the arteries, lethal viral
infections, lowered immunity, obesity, and

DHEA increases lean muscle mass while decreasing
body fat, stimulates bone growth, helps prevent
osteoporosis and lowers both total and LDL
cholesterol, thereby decreasing the chances of
heart attack. DHEA regulates the unwanted
effects of excessive cortisol levels, which in
turn improves energy and vitality, sleep,
premenstrual symptoms (PMS), mental clarity,
recovery from acute stress, and enhances the
immune system.

Made from cholesterol by the adrenal glands,
which sit atop each kidney, in the first few
years of life, the adrenals make very little
DHEA. Around age 6-7, they begin producing
more of it. The DHEA levels peak between ages
20-25 when DHEA is the most abundant hormone
in circulation, and then decrease approximately
10% per decade. From the early 30s on, there
is a steady decline in DHEA production, so the
average 75-year-old has only 20% of the DHEA
in circulation that he or she had 50 years
earlier. At all ages, men tend to have higher
DHEA levels than women. Studies have also
shown that DHEA creates an increase in sexual
aggressiveness, which is a sign that DHEA is
indeed converted into testosterone.

Many diseases associated with aging have been
attributed to a decrease in DHEA. Exercise,
proper diet, stress management, and nutrient
supplementation can increase the circulation
of DHEA throughout the body, which in turn,
improves conditions associated with the aging

A word of caution when taking DHEA supplements:
DHEA converts into estrogen and testosterone,
so taking DHEA in supplement form (any hormone
for that matter) can be dangerous if not
monitored closely -- since estrogen and
testosterone both can speed-up the development
of cancer.

Pregnenolone is converted directly from
cholesterol into DHEA, progesterone, the
estrogens, testosterone, and cortisol. Many
consider pregnenolone to be the most important
hormone in the human body as it is able to
regulate the levels of all the steroid hormones.
Pregnenolone is concentrated in the brain ten
times higher than the other stress-related
hormones and appears to be a memory enhancer.

Like DHEA, pregnenolone decreases with age.
By age 75, the human body produces less than
60% pregnenolone than when in our mid-30s.
This is one of the body's biomarkers of aging.
And since pregnenolone is the raw material
used for the production of the other steroid
hormones, they too, decline with age.

Studies show that pregnenolone increases
motivation, long-term memory, and the ability
to acquire knowledge while reducing
stress-related fatigue.


* One out of every 50 American adults
(two-thirds of Americans) are now extremely
obese or are 100 pounds or more overweight.
This is a four-fold increase from the 1980s.

* Aspartame in NutraSweet was launched
into the American food supply in 1981.
(See above for the correlation)

* If you are too busy to eat 'right' and
worried about not getting enough nutrients
from your food, Super Green powdered-type
drinks are nutrient-rich super-foods made
from food-derived compounds and are the
closest thing to real food on the whole
foods market today. Super Green drinks are
great for traveling and recommended to add
once a day to your diet if you're not eating
enough healthy foods for whatever reason.

* Studies show the destruction of the body's
natural rhythms -- also known as circadian
rhythms --accelerate the growth of cancerous
tumors in laboratory animals. When sleep is
disrupted, the body's defense system is less
able to control tumor growth, and the
disruption of the body's 'clock' in those who
perform shift work, results in a higher
propensity for cancer.

* Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
(multiple cysts on the ovaries) have been
found to be low in vitamin D. Normalization
of their vitamin D levels balanced the
menstrual cycles within two months in over
half the women.

* Pure calcium can relieve both PMS tension
and menstrual cramps. Cramping usually
disappears within half an hour after calcium
is taken. During menopause when calcium
is supplemented, hot flashes, night sweats,
leg cramps, and mental depression often

* Sucralose (Splenda) is a chlorocarbon.
The chlorocarbons have long been famous for
causing organ, genetic, and reproductive
damage. It should be no surprise, therefore,
that the testing of sucralose reveals that it
has been shown to cause up to 40% shrinkage
of the thymus: a gland that is the very
foundation of our immune system. Sucralose
also causes swelling of the liver and kidneys,
and CALCIFICATION of the kidney. (More on
Splenda in next month's Healthy Newsletter.)

* Ideally, Vitamin D should be absorbed
into the body through sunlight. Try to get
at least 30 minutes of sunlight at least
every other day. Merely two percent of the
sunlight you are exposed to gets absorbed
through the skin. The rest enters through
the eyes, so try to be outside before 10:00
A.M. and after 2:00 P.M., when the UV rays
are less intense.

* Scientists at Britain's Public Health
Laboratory Service (PHLS) stated that
vaccinating children against chickenpox
(varicella) increases the risk that adults
would develop shingles, a painful blistering
rash that is potentially dangerous in the

The scientists said that although
vaccinations would save thousands of lives
over time, thousands of elderly people could
also die, in turn, from the complications of
shingles, known as herpes zoster.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Interview for Alternative Diabetes

Q: What are the early symptoms of aspartame

A: Headaches, restless sleeping, weight gain,
emotional mood swings and irritability.

Q: In your research, have you found aspartame
to cause particular problems in diabetics?
For example, does it amplify the symptoms of

A: Absolutely. The components of aspartame
are not meant to be individually ingested, and
the methanol is not meant to be ingested EVER
by any animal. These ingredients create an
imbalance within glycogen metabolism beginning
in the brain, filtering down through the hormone
centers such as the thyroid gland, and affecting
the insulin signals for proper insulin production.

Aspartame interferes with carbohydrate metabolism,
which also affects blood sugar levels. Aspartame
also interferes with proper digestion and
elimination by decreasing body pH levels to be
highly acidic. All this contributes to abnormal
metabolism and carb. assimilation, which affects

Adult Onset diabetes worsens with a diet filled
with aspartame, and Insulin Dependant diabetics
worsen, as their carb metabolism and digestion
are seriously impaired anyway. If they are
'living' on diet drinks, etc. it is a safe bet
they are not getting enough water or proper
nutrients. So, they worsen matters by feeding
their bodies junk nutrition full of chemicals
rather than helping improve an already volatile

Harse as this may sound, this truth is meant
only to help secure a healthy future for


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: aspartame and hair loss

Q: Dear Dr. Hull,
While I am well aware of the damaging effects
of aspartame, I have not before heard of
hair loss as a side effect. Would you be so
kind as to elaborate on your findings and
include any documentation? This information
is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

A: This gets pretty detailed, but hair,
nails, and skin are actually by-products of a
healthy body. Aspartame leaves toxic residues
in the body that the body tries to remove
via hair, etc. pathways. Also, aspartame does
affect hormones and the hormone centers such
as the Pineal Gland and thyroid, which alter
hormones. This also affects hair loss. Then,
aspartame decreases the body's pH levels to
be more acidic, which sets up an environment
for disease. Again, the hair is a good
indicator of overall body health.

Hope this helps.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Assistance in detoxing

Q: This is my question for you....
Since I have been working on my health for
just over 1 year, would it pay to do a
toxicology evaluation of my hair?

A: It's always a good thing to see what's
going on inside your body at any time. The
hair test will give us at least a three-month
history of body function and toxins, plus
vitamin levels in your tissues.

Q: If toxins store in our tissues, how do
I go about ensuring they are ALL out?

A: My detoxification program should remove
most toxins, yeast, and parasites. You must
try to remove the sources, too, so as not to
recontaminate. When you detox one, you detox
them all, usually.

Q: Will the toxins continue to have harmful
effects as I lose weight? (I weighed over 300#
a year ago, now I'm about 100# lighter).

A: Good for you. No harmful effects will
continue if you remove all toxins and their


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Dogs and people

Q: I've heard of you thru friends. I'm
wondering if a situation with my daughter's
dog is something that could be treated
effectively by you. I am not aware as to
the level of what's possible regarding PJ,
my daughter's dog - could he be treated
into health?

PJ has been diagnosed with malignant
melanoma. My daughter also has an 18 yr.
old son with diabeties we have known about
for the past 2 or 3 yrs., which I feel
certain could be helped by your guidance.
She also has a husband who refuses to stop
eating steak and potatoes, but has chest
and shoulder pains. Yes, it got bad enough
he went to a traditional dr for tests. No,
he hasn't changed eating habits last I heard.

Would you let me know what you have as
possibilities please?

A: Yes, I have worked with animals and had
some success. I would suggest firstly to
put the dog on a parasite cleanse, as this
is the cause of many melanomas. Use Black
Walnut capsules as directed on the bottle and
break them into his food, or push them down
his throat. He may have some extra stools
that may look funny. Don't be alarmed, as
they will contain parasites. Get him on
doggie vitamins and seed oils in his food
every day.

I can help your daughter's son with diabetes,
but husbands are hard nuts to crack - hee hee.
He'll have to make some dietary changes,
but nutrients will help, for sure.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Aspartame questions

Q: As of your knowledge presently, has
there been any experiments proving that the
intake of aspartame can be harmful to humans?

A: There is over a four-page list of
doctors and PhDs at prominent universities
who have independent research proving aspartame
is harmful to human health. The original
studies done by Dr. Harry Weisman (now deceased)
were done on primates. They all had grand
mal seizures and died within one year. They
ruled no more studies with aspartame be
performed on primates due to his findings. So,
they now use mice, which show results of dead
fetuses, tumors, brain dysfunction, and fetal

Q: Can the intake of aspartame cause ANY
bodily harm?

A: As with my own case, I was diagnosed with
an incurable case of Grave's Disease, a deadly
hyperactive thyroid disorder. My options were
to have my thyroid destroyed by radiation and
remain alive dependent on medication, or to die.
I refused treatment until I found the cause of
my illness. After discovering it was the
aspartame, I cured my disease in 30 days. I
know of people with children permanently deaf
and blind from aspartame use during pregnancy,
and many people suffer strokes and seizures
until death occurs.

So, it IS a dangerous food chemical and a very
real problem.

To Your Health,
Janet Hull

November's Healthy Recipe is shared between
two rice dishes cooked in the crockpot.
The beauty of crockpot cooking is if you
see an ingredient you don't like, you can
substitute something else in it's place,
or just leave it out!

Easy Spanish Rice

1 onion, diced
1 green pepper, minced
2 tomatoes, peeled and quartered
15 oz tomato sauce
1 1/2 cup water
2 tsp chili powder
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
3/4 cup brown rice
2 Tbs salsa

Stir all ingredients together. Cover and
cook on low 7-10 hours.

Orange Wild Rice

1 1/2 cups wild and brown rice mix
3 cups vegetable or chicken broth
3 Tbs grated orange peel or 1 Tbs dried
orange peel
2 Tbs fresh orange juice
1 tsp salt
1 Tbs unsalted butter
1/2 to 3/4 cup chopped pecans, toasted to
your taste
1/4 cup chopped scallions
1/2 cup packed chopped fresh Italian
parsley leaves

Rinse the wild rice mix in a strainer under
cold running water. In a slow cooker, combine
the rice, broth, orange peel and juice, salt
and butter. Cover, set on High and cook until
the kernels are open and tender, but not mushy,
for 2-3 hours. Stir in the pecans, scallions
and parsley and serve. Serves 6-8.


SafetyAlerts/Government Recalls

Target Corporation Has Recalled Multicolored Sidewalk
Reason: The multicolored sidewalk chalk contains
high levels of lead, posing a risk of poisoning to
young children. The Wisconsin Department of Health
tested the chalk and identified the lead in the chalk.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Fisher-Price Has Recalled Scooters and Mini Bikes
Reason: The motor control circuits can malfunction
causing the scooters and mini bikes to continue to
run after the power or throttle button is released,
posing a risk of injury to children.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Lang Candles Has Recalled Melting Pot Gift
Reason: The melting pots can produce excessive
flame and/or ignite presenting a fire and
burn hazard to consumers.
Distribution: Undetermined.
Home Line Industries Has Recalled Bunk Beds
Reason: These bunk beds have openings between
the guardrails and between guardrails and the
end structures that are too large.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Sony Electronics Has Recalled Certain VAIO
Notebook Computers
Reason: Users could receive a mild electric
shock when the recalled computers are connected
to a phone line and the phone rings.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Wahl Clipper Has Recalled Curling Irons
Reason: The electrical insulation in the curling
irons may break down, resulting in a possible
electric shock and injury to the user.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Simon & Schuster Has Recalled Children's Books
Reason: A plastic replica of a balloon attached
to the book can detach, posing a choking hazard
to young children.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Apothecary Products Has Recalled "Comforts" Pacifiers
Reason: These pacifiers fail federal safety tests,
come apart, and can pose a choking hazard to infants
and small children.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Pioneer Entertainment Has Recalled Pioneer Car
Reason: Could result in the amplifier overheating
while in use.
Distribution: Nationwide.
International Playthings Has Recalled Toy Vehicles
Reason: Small parts on the vehicles can detach,
posing a choking hazard to young children.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Britax Has Recalled Super Elite Youth Restraints
Reason: On certain Super Elite restraints during
a crash could cause the child¨s head to move forward
further than allowed.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Husqvarna Forest and Garden Has Recalled Lawn Mowers
Reason: A loose blade bolt could cause the blade
to come loose or the blade adapter to crack, resulting
in the blade falling off.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Firm Has Recalled Bottled Water with Sport Caps
Reason: When pulled to open, the drinking spout on
the sports cap can unexpectedly come off.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Royal Baltic Has Recalled Smoked or Cured Fish Products
Reason: Products have the potential to be contaminated
with Listeria monocytogenes.
Distribution: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia,
and Maryland.
Noris Farms Has Recalled Organic Savory Cheddar Cheese
Reason: Because it has the potential to be contaminated
with Listeria monocytogenes.
Distribution: Portland, Oregon.
Koyker Manufacturing Has Recalled Utility Vehicles
Reason: Brass gear in the steering sector can break,
causing consumers to lose steering capabilities.
Distribution: Nationwide.


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- Personal Hormone Profile Part 2 The Estrogens
- Cool Feedback


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