Aspartame Exposure Exacerbates Multiple Sclerosis

Aspartame exposure in the work place exacerbates Multiple Sclerosis
From: Lynn Madigan


Please contact the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
Phone: 888-293-6498 or 202-512-1530

Mailing address: Public Information Officer; Supreme Court of the United States ; Washington D C 20543 (The aforementioned contact information is provided by the court's official website as venue for technical questions. A representative of the court informed me in October of 2003 that this Petition for Rehearing was not posted due to technical difficulties.)

Please contact the Supreme Court of the United States of America to have Petition for Rehearing which was filed July 22, 2003, POSTED on docket of CASE # 02-1562 and reflected on court?s official website.

This case is filed by my sister, who is a disabled pro se litigant.

Even though the court has been presented with proof positive evidence of failure to accommodate disability, age discrimination and exposure to toxins cigarette smoke and heated aspartame dust (this toxic exposure is inexorably linked to the failure to accommodate disability of multiple sclerosis)-perpetrated by the respondent Nabisco Inc./ R J Reynolds Inc. / Kraft Foods of North America, Inc. ( Philip Morris , Altria Group) against my sister; apparently the court is choosing to decline oral argument or jury trial of peers-justice- in this case. It is vitally significant that this Petition for Rehearing post on the docket of this case - # 02-1562 due to the fact that my sister is disabled and filed this case without an attorney (pro se) and that precedent in law is important in protecting your civil rights as American citizens especially those who are disabled, over forty years of age , or consumers of food &/or drink in this country.

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