MIT: Aspartame Health and Safety Concerns

MIT: Health and Safety Concerns - Testimony before Congress Nov 3, l987.

Statement by Dr. Richard J. Wurtman, Director, Clinical Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Committee on Labor and Human Resources: NutraSweet: Health and Safety Concerns - Testimony before Congress Nov 3, l987.

"Thousands of people are sufficiently convinced that they personally suffered side-effects caused by aspartame to have written letters to the FDA about their experiences, and it can be assumed that very many more people -- concerned about such side effects -- have simply chosen to avoid the artificial sweetener (a choice not always possible in a society that consumes half or more of its meals outside the home). Within the scientific community real controversy persists concerning the safety of unlimited aspartame consumption for all people, and speakers at an international conference on aspartame (held in Washington in May, l987) identified numerous sub populations in which unlimited aspartame consumption could cause special risks (e.g., pregnant or lactating women; young children; people with a seizure history; people taking various medications)." Continue reading MIT: Health and Safety Concerns - Testimony before Congress.

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