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Aspartame Info-Adolph Hitler's Third Reich killed my grandmother and aunt,Robert Shapiro's NutraSweet killed my mother-aspartame.com Real Audio From the experts
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Aspartame Dangers Revealed!
Sweetpoison, written by author Dr. Janet Starr Hull, is a book exposing aspartame dangers. SweetPoison.com provides a variety of aspartame information, nutritional advice on detoxification and various aspartame resources.
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Lake Highlands Alumni Authors and Support Links.
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Health Issues Links
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Natural health and holistic nutrition degrees, certifications in herbal and...
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If you are pregnant, diabeticor just a plain average person avoid Aspartame which contains Methanol, Phenylalanine and Aspartic Acid. Aspartame can cause well over 100 different severe symptoms
http://www.ummah.net.pk/dajjal/aspart1.html (46.1 kB)

Aspartame consumption is never safe
Aspartame Info, Robert Shapiro's NutraSweet® almost killed my mother aspartame Real Audio From the experts
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