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Vote Yes on 27: The Monsanto Files
MONSANTO has spent the entire 20th century in pursuit of profit through science, from Saccharin to aspirin, from Agent Orange to Round Up. Here's a chronology of company pursuits over the past...
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Darrell Thatcher
Football Audio
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Free: 31 Tips on how to protect your child. mysafechild.com provides a solution for parents who are concerned about the alarming numbers of kids becoming abducted
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Aspartame / NutraSweet Toxicity Summary
Aspartame / NutraSweet Toxicity Summary November 30, 2000 I am familiar with the world research on aspartame toxicity and speak regularly with independent scientists around the world on the issue. I am currently arranging a collaboration between...
http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/summary.html (12.7 kB)

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AvatarCourseInfo.com Susan Davies' Avatar Course Info New York City, Orlando, FL & California
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Aspartame Dangers
Four deaths have been associated with Aspartame. Users of NutraSweet, Equal, or other forms of Aspartame beware.
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Darrell Thatcher
Football Audio
http://myweb.fvtc.edu/~thatcher/ (21.2 kB)

aspartame consumption is never safe
Aspartame Info-Adolph Hitler's Third Reich killed my grandmother and aunt,Robert Shapiro's NutraSweet® almost killed my mother-aspartame.com Real Audio From the experts
http://www.williecolon.com/health/aspartame%20kills.htm (22.7 kB)


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