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Aspartame Case Histories
How would you feel if you were dying and no one knew what to do about it? In 1992, four deaths were associated with aspartame. How many more deaths are linked to aspartame today, but no one knows enough to make the connection.
http://www.sweetpoison.com/aspartame-case-histories.html (51.7 kB)

Nutrition Information from Dr. Janet Hull
There are basic steps to take when restoring needed nutrients at the root of wellness, but remember that good nutrition CAN reclaim good health, even for diabetics and people with permanent health issues.
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WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -- That to secure these Rights, Governments...
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Bib Philo Essay5
Note: Neolithic, Iron Ages, 31 BCE, 1593 CE, Clovis 1, Charlemagne 768-814,Holy Grail, King John, beer witches, German Beer
http://thepiedpiper.tripod.com/BibFull2000.htm (976.1 kB)

Chemical Manipulation Of Consciousness, Behavior, Health And Evolutionary Potentialin The Human Population
http://thepiedpiper.tripod.com/AccessWeb/02_Aspartame.html (5.4 kB)

Chemicals and Links
Chemicals and their effect on the mind, body and, Education
http://thepiedpiper.tripod.com/choldchm.htm (37.1 kB)

Chemicals and Links
Chemicals and their effect on the mind, body and, Education
http://thepiedpiper.tripod.com/chem.htm (30.8 kB)

Water Test Analysis FAQ
Water Testing information: Water is a primary source for toxins that pollute our human bodies. Water quality studies testing well water and home water are a critical analysis for human health.
http://www.sweetpoison.com/water-analysis-faq.html (19.6 kB)

Aspartame Detoxification!
You can fix a problem if you simply remove the cause. But if you don't know the cause of your problem, how do you expect to permanently fix it?
http://www.sweetpoison.com/aspartame-detox.html (23.7 kB)

Phenylalanine - Aspartame
Phenylalanine is a hidden danger to anyone consuming aspartame. Most consumers don't know that too much Phenylalanine is a neurotoxin and excites the neurons in the brain to the point of cellular death.
http://www.sweetpoison.com/phenylalanine.html (21.4 kB)


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