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Favorite Sites
Okay, so they aren't my favorite sites, but they are interesting. I have already gotten in trouble with my site host for one of the links that I had here that changed hands after I listed it and was considered by some to be sexist. Of course...
http://www.tcnj.edu/~hofmann/favorites.htm (10.0 kB)

Educational Resource Links Collection! - Hand-Picked - "I can read."®
"I can read."-Reading the Natural Way© provides immediate,true reading experience. A child is a whole-brain learner and learns best in a way the brain understands. "I can read." does just that. Teacher-created. FREE Demo. Guaranteed
http://www.icanreadeasy.com/resourcelinkshp.html (35.3 kB)

Coping With Multiple Sclerosis
Your diet: Try to listen to your body. After you have eaten certain foods, you may notice that your symptoms are worse. Make note of what you ate and avoid it. A good webpage about diet is found at Nutritional Factors and Multiple Sclerosis
http://copingwithms.com/tips.html (5.5 kB)

LinkPartners.com - Health and Fitness Links
Lose weight and get in shape without the dangers of high impact aerobics. Aerobics program based on the soft fluid motions of an ancient kung fu
http://linkpartners.com/links56_6.html (30.4 kB)

Beeper message from Monica Lewinsky's mother to her daughter: "If you are in a restaurant, please bring home Sweet'N Low
http://www.earthrenewal.org/saccharin.htm (14.6 kB)

Imp. Links
Cancer deaths will double over the next 20 years, the former chief of the World Health Organization's (WHO) cancer program warned Monday
http://www.alternative-cancer.net/imp_links.htm (13.3 kB)

Chemicals and Links
Chemicals and their effect on the mind, body and, Education
http://thepiedpiper.tripod.com/ch_01chem.htm (38.8 kB)

Additives Out - Official UK Website for ASN(UK)
aspartame, additives, enumbers, e-numbers, health, food, healthy living, death, organic, natural, health problems
http://www.additivesout.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/links.htm (12.5 kB)

BWC links
www.dorway.com - Find out the truth about Aspartame and Nutrasweet. It gave me brain tumors. Two tumors in 6 years
http://kevinbecker.com/links.htm (3.8 kB)

Prosounds Promotions
Dem pics make me miss home but as long as dey have some roff fetes come december, i ere vex. Lucian girls lookin better all the time, if only they were older than 14
http://www.prosoundspromotions.com/.../default.asp?... (24.1 kB)


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